Effective meetings in international business

Lead and moderate goal-oriented meetings


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You meet often with international people to dicuss progress, present results or negotiate next steps. You are ok to talk. Yet, you know that you could boost the effectivity with more meeting skills. You would like to lead discussions, reach a fast solution, guide everybody through the meeting and avoid senseless time killers.

In this training:
- You discover effective meeting techniques
- By testing the techniques in simulated meeting situations
- To master international, english-speaking meetings with self-confidence.

>>>If you have fears of speaking English, we recommend our seminar "Lose fear of speaking English". For more information please contact us:<<<

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Diese Weiterbildung zum Thema Business English beinhaltet:

In this training you will:
  • discover the difference between a senseless discussion and a goal-oriented meeting.
  • comprehend how to set up and lead a focused meeting with international participants.
  • learn 5 hands-on techniques to lead a meeting and come to results within the planned time.
  • Create your personal style of meeting moderation.
  • explore the effectiveness of guided meetings in your business surroundings.
  • apply the techniques on simulated meeting situations.
  • master the effect of prepared and pointed meetings.
After this training you will:
  • be self-confident in leading english-speaking meetings.
  • know how to moderate a meeting and reach your goals.
  • Implement effective techniques into your meetings to guide all participants.
  • develop your own comfortable, yet effective style of meeting moderation.
  • Apply 5 techniques to use in real life meetings.
  • Use your knowledge to have the upper hand in meetings.
  • enjoy taking responsibility for goal-oriented meetings.

    "Meetings don't have to be endless to be eternal." James E. Faust
Business people who speak English and work in a company with international customers, suppliers and/or team members.
Interactive activities of the input, visualization of the theory, full day speaking English with trainer and participants, games, and simulations.
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Coach, Trainerin und Consultant for Global Business Communication

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